"Nice place. not actually on the beach but its only 2 mins walk to the beach.. the room is clean and with nice aircon.. soooo cheap and compare to other lodge.. M.E. is the one.. : )" - Rolando Cristobal

"The place is good and also has it's own store...(edited)" - Jerome Florentino

"Nice place I like it...." - Imelda Ganot

"Okay, I understand but I saw your rooms are nice and 3 minutes is not that long to walk going to the beach." - Khel Bruza


 "It was a nice experience staying at [M.E.]. sana sa next stay po nmin (hopefully next year) the rates are still the same. ang ganda po tlaga ng rooms nio.. thank you. :)"  - Mariza Arungay Inoceno